Ag Spray LA7000 (pictured)

Customize to your liking! 1350 gallon tank, 27′ to 40′ toolbar, adjustable constant wing down pressure, pwm valve, toolbar gauge wheels, auto gull wing, wide parallel linkage for better stability, adjustable axle. Call to learn more!


Ag Spray LA9000 

Customize to your needs!
1000, 1250 OR 1500 gallon tanks, 27′ to 40′ toolbars, wheel drive piston or hydraulic drive centrifugal pump, adjustable wing down pressure. Call to learn more!

Ag Spray LA5000

Customize to your needs!
750 or 1000 Gallon Tank with Deep Sump, 20″ Coulter HD, Adjustable Down Pressure, Available in 27′-35′, Axles: 96″, 102″, 110″, 120″, 144″, 9 Gallon Fresh Water, 2″ Quick Fill, Hydraulic Pump Available, Ground Drive Piston Available, 7×7 Heavy Duty Toolbar, Gullwing Standard, 10,000 pound Jack. Call to learn more!

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