Nuhn Header Series Lagoon Pumps Features:

  • Triple Port Design
    • Liquid leaves housing in three locations at a high rate
    • allows for a narrow, large diameter fan that takes less hp, increases liquid velocity and results in high volume
  • Lofted housing with tapered fans
    • allows liquid to be directed upwards rather than just outwards
  • 8″ agitator with 6″ nozzle
  • 1 3/4″ shaft with 4″ OD hardened steel drive shaft sections
  • End nozzle rotates 300 degrees
  • Nozzle vertical rotation of 170 degrees
  • Remote control with 300″+ range
  • 9’6″ wide undercarriage
  • Stainless steel knife valves
  • Heavy commercial outrigger legs
    • extend to 14′ wide and lower an additional¬†3’6″


  • Wall walker
  • Steering

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